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Container Park

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Standing an in an organic environ, ‘The Urban Jungle’ explores the complexity of ever changing fabric of an Indian city and propose feasible solutions to various problems and neglected spaces, with the hope that, within an urban context, small changes can create big effects. The object is assembled out of rigid unused containers forming hard and striking edges, inviting people from all corners. Up-close a multi-level sensory experience urges people to be the explorers of the vertical labyrinth, thereby adding dynamism in an around the moot shells.

The ensemble of cuboidal geometry around a central space gives value to the Indian tradition of gathering around a node. The multi-level assembly evokes the play of hide and show maintaining the excitement of finding something interesting at all times of day. The covered spaces offers opportunity for various activities: music-class, DIY workshops or a photography exposition. The terraces allow a seat to healthy activities like yoga, aerobics and can transform into an evening tea-point, a small theater performance or a band-stand otherwise. Similar to how a concert differs from a theater performance the proposed structure can adapt and change.

The walls behave as a canvas for people to be expressive of their thoughts. Keeping flexibility, mobility and ever changing fabric of structure as the main characteristics, we believe people can influence and modify the urban space using small architectural objects, spraying their thoughts upon the wall. Naturally it also attracts various unintended types of interactions: the homeless sleep over, young people party inside. But all of them proving to be more and more disruptive.

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