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Ashok Vattika

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Located on the open land of a premium corner plot in the old Bengaluru area, lays Ashok Vattika.  The restaurant aims on being a “Darshini” model of restaurant by having open kitchens, quick outdoor self-servicing and having no restriction of the inside and outside, so that it remains a casual hangout spot for people of different age groups.

It started with us referencing the best PEB steel structure and aimed at the aesthetic possibilities of blending corrugated and poly-carbonate sheets to attain natural lighting in the gable roof. The skylights are positioned in a way the public space and the serving areas receive sufficient natural lighting. Since these skylights tend to increase internal temperature wooden planks are used in the public area to cut down the excess sunlight.

The site consisted of many existing trees and hence there were meticulous attempts in the planning to bring architecture into the landscape without disturbing them. A marble finished seating is made around the trees so that it not only secures the tress but also increases the seating capacity, engaging the storefront by creating a dialogue between passers-by and diners.

The restaurant enables natural cross ventilation within the area as it has huge openings on either side. The restaurant has a clean white façade which on the interior is a slanted gable roof with a carefully planned drainage system.  The inside space consists of various counters for various types of food, where the kitchen interior is visible revealing the food carefulness. The restaurant interiors are composed of a careful balance of warm wooden colours, LED strip lights, green walls, and a modern display system. Whereas the exteriors have clear glazing to ensure unobstructed views to the interior activities, as well as have a small portion of snack stalls with standing tables and canopies inviting the passers-by to enter and participate in the scenes from the outside.

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